The right skin care services for you.


My skin care treatments are completely customized for each client. I incorporate the cleanest, safest, highest quality and results-driven products available in every session. As superior skin maintenance combines in-studio treatment and home care, I create a comprehensive treatment plan integrating multiple modalities over the course of time to help you reach your skin goals.

Note that I do not accept tips. I encourage you to instead buy the products I have determined will be most beneficial in your home care routine. Consider shopping with me for your skin care product needs, learn more on the products page.

First Time Visit


Get started right.
Your initial session gives me time to get a clear understanding of your treatment goals. During this consultation I do a thorough analysis of your skin before you enjoy a Signature Facial. Following your session, I will provide you with a comprehensive home care routine, and treatment options to achieve optimal skin health.

Facial With Technology

1 Hour and 45 Minutes

Ultimate individualized skin treatment.
Your skin is unique, and to help you achieve health and balance potential, so is your treatment. My Signature Facial delivers immediate, visible changes to your complexion, finding harmony between encouraging cell renewal and respecting your body’s natural rhythm. Depending on your needs, this session will include deep cleansing, professional exfoliation and dermaplaning, extractions, massage, custom masks and at least 2 forms of technology. Layering effective, botanically derived topical nutrients in therapeutic doses with technology such as lymphatic drainage, LED light therapy and oxygen infusion inspires peak skin performance and radiates vitality.

Power Lunch

1 Hour

Anti-aging in an hour.
An interval treatment option after you have experienced a Signature Facial, the Power Lunch Facial produces maximum anti-aging results in one hour with either a resurfacing enzyme or acid peel, LED light therapy, and a pure hyperbaric oxygen infusion of vitamins, minerals and plant stem cells. This streamlined session does not include extractions, masks or massage.

Specialty Services

Though regularly scheduled facials, proper home care and the right products are the foundation for skin health, your goals may require additional, specialized treatments. I offer advanced therapies to enhance or accelerate your progress through the skin plan I have designed for you.

collagen induction

1 Hour and15 Minutes

Deep treatment for dramatic results.
In a collagen induction session I use fine needles to perforate the skin, stimulating collagen and elastin production. In response, over the course of 4 to 8 weeks, the body repairs and regenerates, creating a healthier dermal matrix. This results in younger, firmer, smoother and more even looking skin.


45 Minutes

Powerful customized treatments.
Peels are a phenomenal tool for treating acne, sun damage, poor skin texture, tone, and volume. Since the type and intensity of a peel must be carefully tailored for your particular skin, I require that those requesting a peel attend a first time visit, including a Signature Facial, so that we may determine if and what kind of peel might compliment your long-term skin goals.

intensive oxygen treatment

60 Minutes

Calming and stabilization.
Maximizing germicidal action by concentrating oxygen within and on the surface of your skin, this treatment helps diminish the effects of rosacea, acne and hyper-pigmentation. An oxygen treatment helps increase nutrient transport and repair, relieves vasoconstriction of capillaries, stimulates fibroblasts which create collagen, increases blood vessel formation, and neutralizes free radical byproducts. This treatment can be performed in a series, or as an interval treatment between facials as determined by our plan to meet your skin goals.

led light therapy

$50 Per Session
30 Minutes

Energy and vibrance.
Proven to diminish fine lines and wrinkles, increase microcirculation and facilitate wound healing while reducing inflammation, redness, rosacea and acne, this safe, gentle, FDA approved light treatment is one of my favorite modalities. Included in facials, LED light therapy can also be performed as a stand-alone service. Your skin benefits from just one session, but for maximum anti-aging and acne treatment a series of eight, 30 minute sessions are recommended.

All services are performed on a mat filled with 30 pounds of pure amethyst crystal, designed to promote optimum health and restoration by conducting both negative ions and far infrared rays through the body.


Because a polished, youthful look is enhanced by well-groomed brows and lashes, I am happy to offer waxing and tinting during a Signature Facial.

Brow Tinting
$15 with Signature Facial treatment.

Lash Tinting
$20 with Signature Facial treatment.

Lip & brow waxing are complimentary during a Signature Facial treatment.

Brow and lash tinting are the only add-ons offered 
during a facial, all other services are included.


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